You'd Never Leave Your Child With a Stranger

Build a lasting relationship with your child's daycare provider

You need to find a caring environment for your child to grow in while you're at work during the day. Jackie's Daycare provides full-time care for children ages 3 months to 12 years. After nearly 25 years in business, we've earned the trust of the Laramie, WY community.

Your child will enjoy a complimentary breakfast when they arrive and eat their packed lunch at the same time each day. You can visit our Pre-School & Elementary Children page to learn about our competitive rates and sibling discounts.

More than a daycare

We believe in building lifelong relationships with the families we serve. Some of the children we've cared for have grown up and brought their own children back to Jackie's Daycare.

Join our extended family today by calling 307-399-7607.

3 reasons your baby will love our routine

Routine is vital for your baby's physical, mental and emotional development. Predictability lets babies feel secure in their environment. Through their routine at Jackie's Daycare, your baby will develop the following beliefs:

  1. "I don't need to worry about food." Irregular mealtimes don't just disrupt your baby's digestion, they also send the message that food is scarce and unreliable. Eating at the same time every day assures them that there will always be enough to eat.
  2. "My parents are coming back." The first day spent away from you may be difficult. But by dropping your baby off and picking them up at the same time every day, you'll teach them that they can always count on you to come back.
  3. "Someone will always be nearby to help me." Bringing your baby to the same safe and loving environment every day helps them understand that there is always someone they know nearby to meet their physical and emotional needs.

Make sure your baby has regular meal and nap times. Learn more about our child care service for babies by calling our daycare in Laramie, WY now.

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